McCartney's of Moira 500g Award Winning Hand Made Corned Beef

Great Taste Award Supreme Champion 2011/12
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Great Taste Award Supreme Champion 2011/12

Hand made using a traditional meat press our corned beef takes a great deal of time to make daily. Made using the finest dry aged locally reared silverside which is then cured before being hand shredded & pressed in natural gelatine giving it a distinctive flavour, that was appreciated by over 30 judges at the 2011 Great Taste Awards Winning the Supreme Champion Title over 7481 other products.

Containing less than 4% fat our corned beef is a far cry from that which you may recall being served from a tin in the past so put any prejudice behind you and give some a try!


Delivered in 1 x 500g vacuum packed piece for home slicing or freezing.


Our Corned beef is fully cooked, it can be eaten cold or used as an ingredient in cooking.

Our Great Taste Award Winning Corned Beef Contains:

150g Beef per 100g prepared, it is Gluten Free & Contains Pork Gelatine, Preservative E250, E251, Antioxidant E301.

Suitable for Coeliacs but enjoyed by everyone.


  1. Please refrigerate the produce as soon as possible upon arrival.
  2. All produce is vacuum packed fresh & can be stored in the refrigerator below 5*C until use by date shown on packaging.
  3. The vacuum packed Corned Beef will usually have a shelf life of 5 or 6 days in the vacuum pack
  4. Once opened the vacuum packed goods should be treated as fresh & used within three days or it can be portioned up & frozen.
  5. All vacuum packed Corned Beef is suitable for home freezing in the vacuum bag for up to 3 months.
  6. If any of the vacuum bags arrive ‘blown’ ie with air inside the pack either use fresh within 2 days of arrival or portion & freeze down to use at a later date..

McCartney's of Moira Award Winning Corned Beef

image above shows 2 x 500g pieces of hand made corned beef beside cherry vine tomatoes
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