McCartney's of Moira 8 Italian Style Pork Sausages

From McCartney's of Moira
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From McCartney's of Moira

A savoury taste of herbs and spices with a light touch of garlic & fennel seeds. This recipe came to us many years ago from a gentleman who received it from an italian chef whom he had worked with in a New York hotel. It also featured on Ready Steady Cook in 2008 when George appeared with it as an ingredient in his goodie bag!


Delivered in a vacuum pack of 8 sausages, individually cut (400g)  


We only use natural skins & suggest that you do not prick them. Cook our sausages gently & slowly to retain their full flavour. Suitable for frying, grilling or the barbecue.

Our Italian Style Pork Sausages Contain:

Pork 67% Natural Colour Caramine (E120) Preservative E221, Flavourings, E304, E307. Flavour Enhancer E621, Allergens: Wheat, Gluten, Sulphite


  1. Please refrigerate the produce as soon as possible upon arrival.
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  6. If any of the vacuum bags arrive ‘blown’ ie with air inside the pack either use fresh within 2 days of arrival or portion & freeze down to use at a later date..

Italian Style Pork Sausages from McCartneys of Moira

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