Pop-up Nights see huge demand

Posted: 1/2/2014

Morning Folks! We know you are all itching to know when the next Pop-up Night will be announced and we won’t keep you waiting too much longer. With feedback such as ‘It’s Belfast food in Moira’ we have been blown away by the demand that has been shown so far.

People who are interested in attending have been leaving their details with Samantha for weeks now and we already have a huge list of diners waiting to be contacted about the next date. We will have to warn you that it’s quite possible that the next date will be fully booked before it’s even announced.

We have been asked why we do not run our Pop-up Nights on several consecutive nights to cope with demand – unfortunately it’s just not possible as the poor boys and girls bringing you these special nights work very long hours to make these nights happen – many of them will start their shifts at 8am on the morning of the Pop-up Night - that’s a long day by anyone’s standards but they are made of tough stuff!

Due to the way customers are responding to the popularity of our exclusive nights it looks like the only way to experience our Pop-up nights will be to get on ‘The List’.

So if you are interested please take our advice and express your interest to Samantha in store or by telephone or email.

Call 02892 611422 or email info@mccartneysofmoira.com

Pulled Pork Spring Rolls a Pop-up Night Starter

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