Christmas order collections

Posted: 22/12/2012

We are open today from 8am to 5.30pm - All boneless poultry orders can be collected today, tomorrow or monday - come along what ever day suits you best - we don't mind which & will keep your order here safely for you until you arrive. Boneless poultry comes vacuum packed & will therefore keep perfectly in the bottom of your fridge!

All full bone in poultry orders are available to collect Sunday & Monday & should be stored in your fridge until they are used.

Gammons, hams, roasts & all the trimmings are all available to pick up in store - so don't panic we don't need you to order these!

The coffee shop will be open daily the next 3 days so why not stop for a coffee break or grab a quick lunch - the fish & chips and of course the christmas dinner special have been going down a storm! 

Full opening hours detailed on the homepage link.

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