Artisan Cheese Boards for Christmas

Posted: 5/11/2015

Christmas would not be complete without an artisan cheese selection from McCartney's

We have approx 70 types of Artisan Cheeses including some very unusual cheeses such as Coconut Cheese, Black Charcoal Cheddar & Gjetost 'Sweet Caramel' Cheese

Available from the Deli for Christmas

The Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard

What should I choose for the perfect cheeseboard?

We recommend that you pick 3, 5 or 7 from the following cheese groups to give a nice balance:

Blue -  Hard Cheese -  Brie -  Cheddar -  Smoked - Goat - Flavoured


Combinations to try...

3 Cheeses

Blacksticks Blue - Barbers Vintage Cheddar - Brie de Meaux

5 Cheeses

Colston Bassett - Godminster Cheddar - Ballybrie - Charwood Smoked - White Stilton Mango & Giinger

7 Cheeses

Barkham Blue - Black Bomber Cheddar - Brie De Meaux - Red Dorset - Comte - Cheddar with Apple & Cider - Rosary Goats Cheese


How much cheese do I need?

Is your cheese for after a meal or is it the main meal itself?

Speak to our deli staff who will guide you in the right direction


What accompaniments should I have with my cheese?

Why not enjoy your cheese board with some dried fruit, nuts, figs, honey, fresh bread, crackers or chutneys


"Don't serve straight from the fridge"

Take cheese out of fridge and cover in a cool, non- central heated place for 1 hour before serving


What can I do with any leftovers?

Keep your cheese paper to rewrap unused cheese which will help it keep longer in your fridge.  However hard cheeses left over can always be melted into a sauce or fondue, but if you choose well and look after them you won't need to resort to such violence

The Cheese Counter 


Baked Camembert


 1 whole Camembert, in its box

1 garlic clove, sliced

3-4 sprigs fresh thyme

1 tsp olive oil


Preparation method

1.  Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.

2.  Remove any plastic packaging from the cheese and place back in its box, leaving the lid off.

3.  Pierce the top of the cheese in several places with a sharp knife and insert pieces of garlic and sprigs of thyme into the slits.

4.  Drizzle the cheese with olive oil and place on a baking sheet, leaving the cheese in its box. Bake in the oven for ten minutes, or until the centre of the cheese is melted.


Dip with freshly baked bread once ready to serve


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