History of Moira

For some years now George & a friend of his have been collecting old photos of Moira & surrounding areas.

In the following galleries are some of the photos which they have collected to date, we regularly receive emails from all over the world from people trying to trace their family tree who may have come across one of their own relatives in this collection of photos.

The photos have also been used by local newspapers and by a local Clergy man in the making of a video about the history of Moira, the video can be found within this section of the website.

The collection is ever growing so do check back from time to time. If you or anyone you may know have any old photo's which you think may be of interest to George then please feel free to call in to show him them or drop us an email at info@mccartneysofmoira.com

Moira Main Street

Article by Lisburn City Council on the History of Moira - read here

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St Johns Parish Church Moira, Co. Down pre 1900
St Johns Parish Church Moira Co. Down early 1900
Waringfield House Moira, Co. Down
Moira Police Station in 1923
Town Hall & Job Palmers Shop Moira
Moira Main Street Early 1900
Old Steam Engine Moira Co. Down
Park View Moira Co. Down Early 1900
Magheralin Village 1920
Irwin's Corner Moira Co.Down
Names at Irwin's Corner Moira 1929-1.jpg
Moira Railway Station, Co.Down
The Original Four Trees Moira Co.Down
Isaac Logan's Tractor Clarehill Road Moira
isaac Logan Clarehill Road Moira
Harvest Time Moira Co.Down
Joe Burns Shoemaker
Silver Jubilee Moira 1935
Waringfield Hospital Moira during The Second World War
Job Palmer Vans during the Second World War
Top of Moira Main Street 1940's
Old Main Street Moira
Moira School Children
Moira School Children 1952
Sports day at Rectory early 1950's
Rev McComb, Moira
Jimmy Armstrong
Moira Badminton Club Jan 1964
Sunday School Photo September 1964
Ronald Crooks, Louis Bell & Sam Shaw
Dan Bann, Grave Digger at Moira Church Of Ireland
John David Heaney & Cows 1960's
Billy Beattie & Jim Hammond
Moira Scouts Fund Raising walk from Moira to Bangor. From left: Linden Allen, Denver Armstrong, Victor Nesbitt.
Dance in Moira at the Temple Ballroom
Moira Football Team
Moira Boys in Bangor
Howard & Willie Burns
Dean Hughes & Stephen McDowell
Cannon Hurst & Family
Robbie McWiliiams, Ruddell Hammond & Norman Menabney.
Sam Shaw with Rhoden Irwins Cows.
Outside Batemans Pub Moira
Moira men visit The Puck Fair in the south
Joes Bar - Blackpool
Mr Mccallin Moira Primary School Headmaster
Mrs Bunting Moira Primary School
St Johns Church Moira Confirmation
Moira Tuesday Club
St. John's Terrace only Recently Built 1950's
Ruddell's Garage 1950's
Moira Main Street 1960s
The original Four Trees taken down after a storm
George McCartney opens The Tempo Ballroom Moira
J W Bateman's Pub - now Pretty Mary's
Ariel View of Moira Village
Job Palmers In Snow Early 1970's
Magheralin Village 1920
Flinty Row Magheralin 1947
Magheralin towards Moira
Magheralin Corner 1960's
Magheralin 1960's
Billy Seyton Lurgan
Job Palmer Main Street Moira
Barrels lined the street during the Troubles Moira 1975
Barrels lined the street during the Troubles Moira 1975
Old St. Johns Rectory Moira
Opening Of The Village Gate Shop in the 1980's
Old Arial View Of Shop from the 1980's
Old St. Johns Church Hall 1980's
Post Card of Moira from the 1990's
Part of the old Waringfield Hospital Moira
Old arial shot of top of village
Moira village flower display
Normans Pub, Moira
Moira Parish Centre Rebuild
Moira from Lurgan Road March 2003
Moira Park 2012
Moira Park new play ground 2012
Moira Park new play ground 2012