McCartneys Produce Suitable for Coeliacs

We stock & make a vast array of products in store that are suitable for Coeliacs.

Our Gluten Free list is now so extensive & ever changing that instead of publishing a list we have decided to display a (*GF) on the counter labels in the Butchers Deli & Cafe of any produce that is suitable for Coeliacs.

Our Groceries labels also display a (GF) where appropriate


See Our Cafe Food Menu Section for our Gluten Free Menu

We currently produce the following Gluten Free Sausages & Burgers.

  • Continental Style Lamb Sausage
  • Gluten Free Beef Sausages
  • Old Tyme Pork Cocktail (Special order or Christmas)
  • Old Tyme Pork Sausages
  • Old Tyme Pork Sausage Meat (Special order or Christmas)
  • Steak Burgers
  • Toulouse Style Pork Sausage

A large amount of our BBQ offering is also suitable for Coeliacs - Please see our instore BBQ Lists for details or look for our (*GF) on counter labels which show which products contain no added gluten.