Turkey Breast Fillet for Easter

A popular choice in recent years is our Northern Ireland Boneless Turkey Breast Fillet. Available either plain or stuffed with our traditional breadcrumb stuffing, the fillets come netted to help retain their shape while cooking, simply snip this off before carving.

All our Turkey Breast Fillets come with Pop-Up Cooking Timers

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Turkey Fillet Sizes & Serving Quantitiesturkeysinfield.jpg

Many people find it difficult choosing the size of their turkey.

The chart below will give you a guide as to how many servings you can expect from a Turkey Breast Fillet

If your family are big eaters & love their turkey you might want to allow for a few extra servings... check out our recipe section for left over turkey recipes!

Total Fillet Total Fillet No of
Weight lb* Weight kg* Servings*
3lb 1.36kg 4
4lb 1.82kg 6
5lb 2.27kg 8
6lb 2.73kg 10
7lb 3.18kg 12
8lb 3.63kg 14
9lb 4.09kg 16
10lb 4.54kg 18
11lb 4.99kg 20
12lb 5.45kg 22
13lb 5.89kg 24
14lb 6.35kg 26
15lb 6.80kg 28
16lb 7.25kg 30

Boneless Turkey Breast Fillet Available at McCartney's of Moira