Fresh Turkeys available to order for Easter

Easter 2020

In light of the current situation we ask that Easter orders are placed by Sat 4th April 2020 to ensure we have what you need and give our suppliers sufficient notice.



Traditional Slow Grown Dry Plucked White Turkeys

Our farmer John uses six different breeds of turkey to ensure all weights required by our customers are from fully matured female birds. Fed a natural diet and housed in buildings giving both natural light and ventilation while providing essential weather protection. The fully matured birds are then dry plucked & hung for a minimum of 14 days to dry age before being dressed for sale to mature & develop the special flavour & texture unique to this traditional method.

All our Turkeys come with Pop-Up Cooking Timers

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Turkey Sizes & Serving Quantities

Many people find it difficult choosing the size of their turkey, especially as it is a purchase that can often be made only once or twice a year.

The chart below will give you a guide as to how many servings you can expect from an Farm Weight (NYD) Turkey

If your family are big eaters & love their turkey you might want to allow for a few extra servings... check out our recipe section for left over turkey recipes!

Size to Order 2013 - Oven Ready Kgs Approx Servings Size Ordered in 2012 - Farm Weight Lbs
4kg 8 12 lb
5kg 9 to 11 13-15lb
6kg 13 to 14 16lb-18lb
7kg 15 to 16 19-20lb
8kg 17 to 19 21-23lb
9kg 20 - 22 24-26lb
10kg 23 to 24 27-28lb
11kg 25 to 26 29-30lb

Judith & Farmer John with the Turkeys