Pop-Up Timers Questions & Answers

The turkey I purchased had something that looked like a plastic "button" in the breast. What is it, should I remove it before cooking the turkey?

The "button" you referred to is a pop-up temperature indicator, commonly called a Pop-Up Timer. No, the Pop-Up Timer should not be removed before cooking. This thermometer is precisely positioned to assure that your food will be cooked correctly.

How does it work?

A stainless steel spring inside a nylon tube releases when the surrounding meat has reached a pre-determined temperature, forcing the timer to "pop-up".

Are they reliable?

Yes. Pop-Up Timers are manufactured under strict quality control measures to produce sensitive thermometers that are accurate and dependable to within 1-2 degrees F.

I calculated the cooking time for my turkey using the weight/cooking time chart. However, the Pop-Up Timer "popped" before the recommended time on the chart, why?

The weight/cooking time chart estimates the time it will take various weights of turkey to reach 180 degrees F in the deepest part of the thigh when measured by a conventional meat thermometer. As the Pop-Up timer accurately gauges the temperature of the turkey, it may pop before the estimated times on the roasting chart.

What are some of the factors that may affect the turkey's cooking time?

Using a cooking chart is not all that is necessary to assure that the bird is cooked safely and not overcooked. Recommended cooking techniques must also be followed.
Dark roasting pans cook faster than shiny metal.
Deep roasting pans reduce heat circulation to all areas of the bird.
Covering too much of the bird with foil slows down the cooking process.
The oven may not be calibrated for accurate temperature.

When is the Pop-Up Timer placed in the Turkey?

The Timer is inserted in the turkey breast by one of our butchers at time of collection.

If I stuff the turkey will the Pop-Up Timer be accurate?

Yes, the Pop-Up Timer will accurately gauge the temperature of the turkey. However there are many factors that affect the temperature of the stuffing so it is recommended that you insert a conventional meat thermometer into the center of the stuffing to be sure the stuffing has reached 165 degrees F.

Is it okay to baste the turkey if it has a Pop-Up Timer?

Yes. Although it is not necessary to baste a turkey, if you want to, it is fine to baste it with the juices that collect in the roasting pan. However opening the oven for basting may effect the cooking time.

Can Pop-Up Timers be used in other cuts of meat?

Yes, we currently supply Pop-Up Timers in all our roasting cuts of Beef, Lamb, Pork & Chicken.

Are the Pop-Up Timers used in meat products other than turkey calibrated for different temperatures to activate?

Yes, Pop-Up Timers developed for use in chicken, beef, pork & lamb are carefully designed to reach specific temperatures for different types of products.