Other Butchery Products

All Beef & lamb sold at McCartney's of Moira is reared on Northern Irish Farms. We take pride in the quality of our meats ensuring that the type, grade and the maturing is correct, preparing it to suit the customer, so that they will have the finest ingredients for every meal. If you are entertaining special guests this can be made very easy for you. Any gourmet joint etc can be prepared for your dinner party and we can advise you on cooking methods and how much you will need for you and your guests!

Northern Irish Lamb

Broad Lamb Chops Best pan fried or oven cooked. In spring & summer the new season lamb is also suitable for grilling.

Centre Loin Chops These are for grilling and are cut medium to thick.

Cutlets Taken from the rib end of the loin without the little piece of fillet, Cutlets can be grilled, pan fried or done on the bbq. Left whole they are also used to make crown and racks of lamb - little white chefs hats are available to purchase on request to finish off your roast.

Lamb Noisettes This is the full loin of lamb with the bone taken out and rolled. It is available in a piece as a roast or can be cut into chops for grilling or pan frying.

Shank of Lamb Which is the front leg is suitable for pot roasting or for stewing.

Leg of lamb For oven roasting, can be cut to whatever size the customer requires. Available on the bone, boneless or boneless with a mint glaze.

Boneless Shoulder of Lamb Sold as an oven roasting cut, it is deboned, defatted and can be stuffed or glazed in mint. Usually supplied in a cooking bag with a pop-up cooking timer.

We stock a large range of gourmet lamb products, such as skewered boneless shoulder steaks, lamb henrys & lamb burgers. Check out our ever changing range on your next visit.


Venison Topside Steaks and Roasts are available to order - produced from young red deer under 24 months, making it a sweet, delicately flavoured tender meat.

Dry cure Kasseler

Smoked flavoured bacon chops, also avaialble in a piece for roasting.


We stock a large range of gourmet pork products, from stuffed pork chops wih apple to the more adventerous belgian style pork fillet. Check out our ever changing range on your next visit.

Boneless Pork Loin Suitable for oven roasting in a piece or can be sliced into chops which can then be cooked on the bbq or in the oven, however they are best simply pan fried and enjoyed with some apple sauce!

Pork Chops Available plain or in various wonderful flavours simply pan fry, oven cook or bbq.

Fresh Pork Ribs Best slow cooked in the oven or stewed, can also be finished off on the BBQ.

Pork Fillet Also known as tenderloin can be sliced & pan fried or left whole & oven cooked

Stuffed Pork Fillet Fillet of pork stuffed with our delicious breadcrumb stuffing, sold in a cooking bag ready to place in the oven, it even has a pop up cooking timer.

Leg of Pork For oven roasting as a joint

Pork Pieces For stewing & casseroles etc, diced from our leg of pork.

Pork Liver Pan fry or oven cook.

Bacon Chops Delicious grilled, make a tender and tasty alternative to the traditional pork chop.

Ready to Cook Stirfry's and many other speciality oven ready products available from the Butchery counter.